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Healing with Reiki | Transform your Life eBook
Healing with Reiki | Transform your Life eBook
Healing with Reiki | Transform your Life eBook
Healing with Reiki | Transform your Life eBook
Healing with Reiki | Transform your Life eBook

Healing with Reiki | Transform your Life eBook

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Healing with Reiki | Transform your Life is an eBook that not only teaches you how to use Reiki to heal yourself, but how to incorporate it into your day to day life in practical ways. Download this eBook today to learn:

✔ Working with Reiki energy

✔ Hand placements

✔Full body intuitive hand flow

✔ How to protect your energy

✔ Dry energy baths

✔ Reiki medicine baths

✔ How to infuse Reiki in your home

✔ Reiki on your pets and plants

✔ How to perform Reiki on situations

✔ Nutrition to fuel your Reiki practice

✔ Much more!

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Johnnah D.
United States United States
Very informative!

It was an easy read and very informative. It answered alot of my questions. Also explained alot of how send reiki to many things. Definitely worth getting. It was a great guide.

Richard W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great book

Easy to read and understand. Goes in to enough detail.

David J.
I had no idea about what was happening in my aura

I used to think this was for reiki ppl but after readinng this book i know now that everyone has the ability to work with their own energy. This book lirerally changed my life. Thank you emily. Seriously. Thank you

Great Techniques!

As a Reiki Practitioner I really enjoyed reading this ebook. Em provides a comprehensive guide to applying Reiki in all areas of your personal healing journey including Reiki offerings to help the world. As a vegan myself I was pleased to learn more on how nutrition is a gateway to spiritual healing. I think we can always find ways expand our Reiki practice. I especially enjoyed learning the Kenyoko Ho technique and expanding the three diamonds. This made me inspired to do more self-healing! Thank you Em!

Mind blowing!!!!!!

I was expecting to only learn where to place your hands with this ebook but there was SO MUCH more info than what I had expected!! Wow. I just had no idea how far you can take reiki and how easy it is. I loved the way she explained how to add reiki into you day to day life in countless ways. ive always struggled with keeping a meditation practice down, but with em's reiki techniques, I feel like this is what I needed my whole life. Already, I feel so much more clarity, my chest doesnt hurt anymore and I feel so grounded. I recommend this to everyone