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Collection: Recipe eCookbooks

My recipe eCookbooks contain specially crafted recipes that cannot be found anywhere else. Although all 53 recipes within my eCookbooks are completely vegan, gluten free and oil free, they are loved by everyone no matter what their diet is.

❤ I Develop Recipes That:

Increase digestive function, balances hormones & emotions, creates a higher functioning mental state, promotes restful sleep, assists with any detoxing process and aligns energy or chakra system, due to the nutrient variety for more productive days.

❤ eCookbooks Are:

A wonderful eco-friendly alternative to physical books. #Lovetrees! PDF format with an instant download you can save for a lifetime. Available on mobile devices, tablets, laptops & desktops. Easy to navigate with menu & table of contents. SSL-encrypted website to protect your data along with secured payment method.

❤ Materials?

Standard kitchen tools and either a blender OR food processor.

❤ More Details:

These are recipes that anybody can make. Globally accessible ingredients. Amazing flavors that won't drain your energy. Great recipes to meal prep with. No starving! Eat good food and feel amazing. No expensive grocery shopping lists. Easy to follow instructions.

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